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Certificate of Intelligence Practice - Internationally Certifed

Intelligence Rising's flagship course, the Certificate of Intelligence Practice is certified internationally by the International Association for Intelligence Education (IAFIE) and meets IAFIE's standards for intelligence analyst training. In this course, you will gain an in-depth understanding of practices in a profession in which you can influence the decisions that make a real difference in people’s lives, preventing harm and reducing threats.​ Learn the intelligence craft in one of the oldest professions; including, how you think and assess, and how you can leverage sources of information in order to inform better decisions to make a difference. In a world where data is cheap, resources tight and information overwhelming, the role of the intelligence officer has become ever more important to a broadening range of government and non-government businesses.

PRICE: $1499 AUD

Bias and Human Profiling - Specialist

This course will help you to identify and control your personal biases and how they effect you in relation to intelligence analysis. You will also be introduced to the fascinating area of human profiling allowing for the prediction of behavior, identification of potential suspects, assessment of your competition and much more. 3-4 Hours.


Intelligence in Regulation -


This course introduces contemporary thinking in regulation, contemporary thinking in intelligence and how investment in intelligence will maximise decision outcomes in regulation. This course builds on concepts raised in our Introduction to Intelligence in Regulation course. 6-8 Hours.

Price: $550 AUD

Leading and Managing Intelligence 

This course is designed for managers and leaders of intelligence programs. It is not designed to build leaders, but rather give them some necessary tools and tips to make their life easier. The course also includes tips to build ones own professional pedigree - as the inquiring mind and constant learning are core to success as an intelligence officer.


Introduction to Intelligence Analysis

This course is designed to give you a headstart on your journey as an analyst. Knowing your own weaknesses and how to make best use of information are important skills in a world where data is cheap, resources tight and information overwhelming. The course gives you foundation knowledge to perform in analyst and information support officer roles in intelligence teams; however, you will find it will assist you in any occupation dealing with the unraveling of complex problems.


Law Enforcement Intelligence - Introduction

This course will introduce you to the intelligence function in a law enforcement setting. Learn the difference between tactical, operational and strategic intelligence and how it helps law enforcement solve the crimes of yesterday and prevent or predict the crimes of tomorrow.  1-2 Hours.


Intelligence in Regulation - Introduction

Understand the role of intelligence in regulation and how it can be used to increase effectiveness, efficiency and strategic foresight. Learn how  intelligence analysis can support almost every aspect of your business. Be introduced to the reasons why all regulators should invest in intelligence and how it will help you shape your future success. 1-2 Hours.


Coming soon

Intelligence in the Gaming Industry

Specialist: 3-4 hours

In an industry where the odds are everything, even minor use of intelligence professionals can mean the difference between nothing and a multi-million dollar profit. Building on the industry's already exceptional use of meta-data analysis, this course will demonstrate the value that can be gained by complementing the numbers with strategic predictions, environmental scanning and futures analysis. 



Intelligence Analysis

Professional: 6-8 hours

This is your go-to course to build a strong foundation in intelligence analysis. This course will focus on intelligence techniques, how intelligence supports decision making, how to develop intelligence products and how to maximise your value as an intelligence analyst.



Intelligence in Regulation - Complete

Expert: 15-20 hours

This course is designed to take you from amateur to expert in the field of regulatory intelligence. The course contains multiple knowledge checks, tests and scenarios to make sure that you are able to apply what you have learned to real life scenarios. 




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