What is Intelligence Rising?


Intelligence Rising, the brainchild of Founder Neil Quarmby, came about as a result of years of seeing intelligence be under utilized and misunderstood by public sector agencies. Neil began to rectify this by offering bespoke, face-to-face training and consultation services for law-enforcement, regulatory and defence agencies in both Australia and New Zealand. Neil backed up this capacity building through production of a number of authoritative texts on managing intelligence, regulatory intelligence and futures thinking. As the popularity and success of his courses grew, Neil embarked on a journey to translate his years of experience to an online training platform. Thus Intelligence Rising was born and has since been helping clients both in Australia and internationally.

Intelligence Rising aims to leverage the professional application of the intelligence art found in National Security to the benefit of other government and private sector enterprises facing risk and resource pressures. By doing so, we hope to bring new avenues of efficiency and increased foresight to both public and private sector organisations. We are also passionate about teaching organisations to enhance their greatest resource: their people. By doing so, organisations will see less strategic surprise, greater job satisfaction and increased success. This means no need to continue engaging expensive consulting agencies to solve problems... you will already have a workforce capable of telling you what that solution is. 

Our team at Intelligence Rising is made up of people who are passionate about the intelligence discipline and how it can be used to maximize potential. Our company is designed to be flexible, adaptable and non-discriminatory towards clients or ideas. Click here to meet our team.

Want to see what we have on offer? Click here to see our courses.

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