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Alongside our suite of online courses, we also offer a series of bespoke services tailored to your individual needs. 

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Intelligence Workshops

Intensive group sessions that maximise your the capability and outputs of your team.

Intelligence Rising is available to design and facilitate cognitive intelligence workshops: from basic to complex. Our specialty areas are pre-mortem analysis (assisting in the avoidance of strategic surprise), red teaming (assisting in tactical, operational and strategic planning) and centers of gravity analysis (a complex technique designed to assist in targeting, operational planning and resource allocation). Contact us for more information or to receive a quote.

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Do you have a problem that needs specialist advice?

Review functionality, drive organisational change and increase public value. Intelligence Rising offers a consulting service that offers guidance, advice and recommendations on issues, opportunities or challenges faced by your company. Contact us for a quote today.

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Bespoke Online Courses

Online training built specifically for your business.

Do you want a training course developed specifically for your organisation and delivered either online or in person? While we offer a range of courses, Intelligence Rising understands that some businesses need specialist courses. Future proofing, building capacity and maximising workforce potential: Intelligence Rising offers bespoke in person and online training that meets the needs of your business. Contact us for a quote today

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Lectures and Seminars

Sometimes all you need is one day to get your employees on the right track to increased efficiency, effectiveness and workplace satisfaction.

Intelligence Rising offers lectures and seminars (one hour to one day) that we deliver to your company at your location. Whether you are a regulator, security agency or private enterprise, we provide up to a full day of knowledge to help you and your staff reach your goals.

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